Dogs Vs Cats chase!!! Who wins??


The rivalry between dog and cat is old as Giza’s pyramids or probably older, if new scientific research are to be believed. Hence, the million dollar question – Who’s better?? Let’s dig down to unearth the answer

Cats belong to families of felidae which also includes food chain apex preadtors – Lion,tiger,leopard etc. On the other dogs belong to caned family, consisting of wolves,foxes etc. In a battlefield, ferocious lion might rip a sly wolf apart but the table turns when we do comparison between home bred pets – seismis cats are no match for pitfalls. So have the dogs won already? Not so fast.

The depiction of them in pop culture is also polar opposite, while cats are portrayed as and lazy beings, their rivals are depicted as affable, unintelligent and active ( Garfield vs Scooby – doo ). Cats tend to overpower dogs and humans alike because of their ” sass” and ” chic” behaviour ,but in reality the picture is different. While   ” sass” is something unmeasurable even by skilled scientist, smartness trait favour dogs.

Dogs have a social cognitive behaviour towards humans due to convergent evolution, i.e, dogs have been with humans for so long that they have adapted few social skills of our society, like a breed- collie, can remember upto 100 command. There is a dog named Oscar, who can hypnotise people with his stare, a trick that he learned from his hypnoyist master. A Canadian Television show ” Dogs with Jobs” broadcasts the various field the dogs are inducted for performing task for us – herding,rescue,sledging,police or therapy. But that doesn’t explicitly state about the smartness but adaptability that dogs had more with humans.

In retrospect of hunting, both have different approach, while cats are known for stealth and speed, dogs have endurance. In a race of 100 metre , cats might outdo its rival but in a longer run, dogs will be victorious. Nevertheless, in case of danger cats have an advantage as they are good climbers unlike canine which are earth bound. Its a no brainer, who has better olfactory capabilities, there is a valid reason why dogs are used in busting of drugs trafficking. If we go back in history, according to a research , cats have a better survival instinct than their counter parts– earlier when cat species were introduced in a dog populated area, few dog species became extinct  due to competition for food. Hence, cats has resulted in dog species extinction but that can’t be stated vice- versa.

So should we give winning trophy to Cats???..Well, not necessary.

As in the end for a pet-parent, thing which matters most is the unconditional love provided by these furry creatures, so there’s no need of comparison as both are well suited in their own ways. Peace!!!


Why you shouldn’t have pets???


Animals have always been around throughout human civilisation, herding goats , cows for milk and irrigation dates back to 10000 B.C but subsequently their status elevated in history – all are aware of how Egyptian adored cats or Chinese gave hounds ranks of officials. So why the fuss about these primitive creatures?

We are the intelligent species of this planet, even though we failed to behave like one. We have more than 7 billion people around with whom we can talk or share, maybe less , considering the language barrier,social status or ego, but still we have our friends in Facebook and other social network sites right?? Even though we hardly have few of them whom we consider ” Friends ” , but hey, no one is complaining and that still doesn’t justify having pets.

Considering you fell for those puppy eyes and bought one of them little monsters at your home , your life would never be same.

  • Warm licks would substitute for alarm clocks…uhhh!!!
  • Your cover for coming home at late nights will be blown as they will be eagerly waiting to shower hugs and licks, (Best of luck for convincing your dad at 3 am)
  • God save you, if you want to have a lazy day all by yourself as they will compel you to take them for long walks and you might have to do a dreadful task – Exercise..noo!!!
  • Having a bad day?? Not anymore. These monsters will try to brighten your mood as they they can read human faces- thanks evolution. What !! Cant i just be sad all by myself anymore??
  • Worried that your girlfriend will make a menace, just because you were talking to the cute girl next door..Try playing with another dog and come home, those eyes will make you guilty straightaway, and interrogate you with their inquisitive sniffs like you have done a hefty crime as bank robbery.
  • They can be nightmares for introverts, as they will keep bumping on the cute girl next door, paving a way to strike a conversation , they think themselves as wing – dog.

Feline creature fare no better, though unlike their canine friends they are not very keen to give sloppy kisses but they all together have a different strategy – 

  • You will be kept out of wits in figuring out where these cats can fit into?? Only to find them adorably enveloped in shoe box.
  • Unpredictable is their middle name , one moment they will shy even from looking at you and next moment they might be standing against a threatening alligator to protect you and your family ( check youtube).
  • They always have their running shoes on and leave for days only to come back with his new girlfriend( they have better networking than tinder)

By now you might have figured out, its such a hassle to have pets. That said, we all are comfortable in this unforgiving and selfish world and we don’t need unconditional love. I’ll rather see 100th times my friend episode than to have a real friend waiting with its paws up to be played.